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Chinatown, NYC

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“We love the juxtaposition of old and new, rustic and modern, simple and involved. We either agree completely or disagree completely with the other’s aesthetic, which results in entertaining debates and a line of products that we both feel passionately about.”

Among the jobs that this brother-sister team has pursued together: insurance mailroom sorters, snack bar “chefs,” ice cream shop scoopers, theatre ushers. Many years later, 2of2 is their first mutual creative passion. After moving home in 2011 when their mother became terminally ill, Dan and Meredith became “certain only of life’s uncertainty” so decided to forgo their previous careers and pursue a lifelong dream of being co-creators. The lighted little works of art often feature forests, houses and other tiny, dreamy sculptural elements. We always hoped that ice cream scooping was training for something… show more

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