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Evocative Photographer


San Francisco

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“Ultimately, it's nothing more than my eye that distinguishes my work from that of others, my specific angle, my individual taste. It's more of a subjective thing than an objective one.”

Moods are fickle things. Just ask Christine, who spends her artistic energy trying to capture them in photographs, often employing some digital tools to aid her cause. Initially she was just obsessed with life’s details and wanted to document them for herself—but as she learned more about photography as a craft, she began creating different atmospheres and feelings, infusing her perspective into her work. Whether it is nature and its grand architecture or a bit of cultural commentary, her minimal, evocative work is unmistakable. Being a woman with great vision and limited means, you’ll often find her DIYing equipment to get the shots that she wants, crafting a light box here or a handmade tripod there to, you know, create the right mood. show more