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Bushwick, Brooklyn

about Sean Alan Designs

"We made everything from the hardwood flooring to the cashiers desk, all out of repurposed materials. And that is the exact moment when I fell in love with working with wood."

Though he's a woodworker now, that's not how Sean's story gets its start. It all began with a dream to open a restaurant in the heart of Bushwick. They were on a tight budget, so they tried to repurpose as much of the materials as they could — assembling practically everything with wood salvaged from old warehouses. And that, dear reader, is precisely when Sean fell in love. With the art of woodworking, that is. Now he spends his time whittling, carving and otherwise shaping useful things (like iPad stands) from a whole slew of reclaimed woods, accenting the imperfections along the way. show more

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