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Our pepper sauce combines simple, natural ingredients to produce a bright, flavorful condiment that compliments all kinds of food. It packs a good amount of heat but does not overpower the foods that it’s used with--it’s about flavor, not just heat.

Many of us grew up in households where dinner came out of a box. (No. More. Riceroni.) Ariel and Brian were childhood friends who started to wonder just what was going down in a food system where sugary fillers and lab-altered ingredients were becoming the norm. Their goal was ambitious: Taking some of the processed junk out of people’s diets. Their method is simple: Make a super tasty, wholesome hot pepper sauce that highlights the fresh produce and chilies in it. It’s a bright, flavorful condiment that packs a good amount of heat, but doesn’t overwhelm, say, a dozen fresh Gulf oysters or a fresh-off-the-grill burger. Where should we back up the truck? show more

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