Ada Rosman

Ada Rosman



Jewelry designer


Puyallup, Washington

about Ada Rosman

“I use quality materials and traditional metalsmithing techniques to lovingly create jewelry that is inspired by my love of travel and storytelling.”

Ada has her very own superpower: she can take a journey or a place, capture its essence and turn it into an elegant, lovely piece of jewelry. When she was a kid, her family fled communist Poland in a Volkswagen Beetle, heading for safety at a refuge camp before coming to the U.S., so you’ll see odes to her homeland in her lovely necklaces. The natural, organic shape of a pair of earrings are inspired by the wash of a wave on a speckled sandy beach during a recent trip to Florida. Another set of earrings is inspired by the changing phases of the moon. We think we might prefer this superpower to flying. show more