Alaina Marie

Alaina Marie



Bag Designer


South Portland, ME

about Alaina Marie

“Growing up along the coast where lobstering is a way of life, the industry has inspired me to use the tools and resources used by fishers to create a practical and wearable line of accessories.”

Inspired by coastal life (and quite a few lobsters), Alaina honors her Maine roots with nautically themed accessories and handbags. As the sole captain behind the production of it all, she designs, screenprints and sews every item herself. Never one to force things, Alaina prefers to let inspiration occur organically, with most design ideas coming to light while she's just sitting around her studio. Each handcrafted clutch is made using marine-grade materials, for a durable handbag that'll withstand everything – from a run to the market, to a voyage on the seven seas. (Or just one.) show more