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Alder New York

Apothecary Naturalists
Navy Yard, Brooklyn

“In addition to having great performance, our products also look really fantastic, since we care a lot about design. We use every one of our products ourselves, and we are tough customers to please.”

Nina & David’s apothecary began in the best kind of way: a happy accident. Nina was concerned about the amount of harmful chemicals in cosmetics and other everyday drugstore products. So she made her own dry shampoo. The concept was dead simple: a talc-, paraben- and sulfate-free powder that absorbs grease and restore volume to the tresses in between washings. Oh, and it also smells divine. Once the fourth friend asked for some, they designed a cute label and put it on the market. They’ve stuck close to their belief in safe, high-quality materials, right down to the glass bottle. But it’s the wonderful scents that lead customers to “trust their noses.” Here’s to happy accidents.

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