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All Things Grow

Nature Screenprinter
Ypsilanti, MI

“Screenprinting is a really simple process, but the ability to turn one painting into an endless supply of images without the use of technology never ceases to amaze me.”

Most people only dream of doing what they love (and still being able to pay the bills). But Marcy? She isn’t just a dreamer. She began screenprinting and selling small batches of her prints at local indie fairs –– at first, it was just a fun way for her to unwind. But now, Marcy’s taking things more seriously. She's turned her basement into a studio and scaled back on her day job to focus on making more of the folk-inspired art she loves. And living in Michigan shapes her work too, local nature is a reoccurring theme in her prints –– look at 'em long enough and you'll be the one dreaming.

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