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Metal Manipulator
Providence, RI

"Jewelry is something that can hold a lot of importance to people and can often be assigned meaning by the wearer. As the maker, I want to put the best energy I can into each piece through understanding and caring about its symbolism, history, and story."

Jieun doesn't just design jewelry –– rather, she crafts talismans meant to bring good luck and positive energy to the wearer (they are, however, suspiciously jewelry-like). She combines a curiosity for symbol history with a talent for creating pieces rooted in alchemy, astrology and mythology. The final product? A piece of jewelry that's sure to successfully combat just about any broken mirror or black cat. And all these good vibes seem to be working on Jieun too. She feels empowered by working with metal. The way she sees it, if she can manipulate metal, than anything is possible.

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