Andrea Diodati

Andrea Diodati



Whimsical Designer


East Village, NYC

about Andrea Diodati

“I don't make basics because I believe clothing should be as individual and as expressive as their wearer. Instead, I create clothing that adds the exclamation mark to a woman's outfit – with prints that pop and design details that delight.”

Andrea started dabbling in fashion at a young age, expressing herself in kindergarten with coral lipstick and mismatched socks. A few years (and a mentorship with the creative director of Elle) later gave the designer the experience and confidence necessary to pursue her dreams. Her process begins the same way every time, with a fervent search for fabrics that have the same novelty, quality and mystery that vintage materials often characterize. Her small-scale, limited edition creations ensure that you won't run into anyone on the street wearing anything even remotely similar. show more