Andrea Wysocki Jewelry

Andrea Wysocki Jewelry



Jewelry Designer


Beaverton, Oregon

about Andrea Wysocki Jewelry

"I rarely wore jewelry until I started making it, and now I only design pieces that I would actually wear. I love working with my hands, creating things that make people feel pretty."

Two small boys? A jewelry studio? People often wonder how Andrea does it––and even she is occasionally baffled. But despite a multitude of distractions, she manages to churn out piece after piece of clean, simple jewelry. She makes every earring, necklace and bracelet, and then hand-hammers each of them. The process, Andrea says, helps her feel like she's leaving her mark on each piece (quite literally, in fact) while making it absolutely unique. Oh, and in case it wasn't clear, she's a pretty big fan of those two boys we mentioned at the beginning, too. The rascals. show more