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Andy's House of Design



Rustic Jewelry Maker


Brooklyn, NY

about Andy's House of Design

“The objects I create are intended to be worn in a variety of ways, either polished and new or antiqued and oxidized. That way they are improved by being worn and from the natural aging of the metal.”

With 8 years under her belt as jewelry designer, it’s safe to say that Andy might know what we want more than we do. She turns out pieces that have a modern-industrial feel, but incorporate rusty, rich organic elements. Her pieces are all unisex, because their rugged yet delicate nature works for both the ladies and the fellas. These pieces are meant to be worn day in and out, because the awesome rustic elements just get better with age. This whole jewelry thing came to Andy way back when because she wanted to create miniature sculptures, little pieces of art that can be worn and loved. We’ll go ahead and call these little works of art. show more

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