Anna Tovar

Anna Tovar



Calligraphy Arteest


Denton, TX

about Anna Tovar

“I think that the simplicity of my work makes it unique. I eliminate any extraneous details that are not necessary and let the art speak for itself.”

For Anna, it was always about drawing and painting. She got her degree in it, after all. Really, it’s just the type of drawing and painting and art-making that has evolved over time. In the beginning, she solely focused on photorealistic oil paintings and watercolors of landscapes and portraits, but having babies of her own inspired Anna to shift her focus from the more time-consuming work she was used to. “I wanted to shift my focus to pieces that were more accessible to everyone.” These days, Anna finds herself turning to old books, other calligraphers' work, the ol' internet go-to blogs, and Pinterest to find inspiration. That is, of course, until she runs across strangers pinning HER work. That’s when you know your new style is working. show more