Another Jamie Davis

Another Jamie Davis



Vintage Re-designer


Tallmadge, OH

about Another Jamie Davis

“I like things with imperfections – bags no one else would want. I choose bags that need my help and pass up on a lot of bags in perfect condition because I know they will find a home on their own.”

Jamie is a Dr. Frankenstein of sorts. But instead of gruesome things, she's reviving old handbags with hand-stitched embroidery. She scours secondhand stores for bags that could use a stitch or two, choosing ones that are a little rough around the edges over their more pristine counterparts. Once Jamie's found her gems, she gets to work, stitching new life into 'em. She prefers to work without a "plan" per se, instead allowing the bag to dictate the design. The finished products are are all jazzed up and ready for their new lives (and, it should be noted, much more approachable than monsters). show more

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