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Harpswell, Maine

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"My process is very intuitive. I do research on the properties and qualities of different botanicals, oils or minerals that I use, but a lot of it comes down to the texture, smell and color of the final product."

This artist-turned-botantist grew up with an appreciation for botany (her grandmother gathered plants along the Appalachians, after all), so when Alyce became wary of chemical-laden hair color, she took matters into her own hands (and garden). First it was natural hair dye, then lotions and salves––she had to combat the dry hair and skin brought on by chilly Maine winters, you know. It was a slippery slope. Next thing Alyce knew, she was selling her simple potions to the masses and grinning at the befuddled looks of people who were amazed by all of the "foods" on the ingredient labels. show more

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