Audra Azoury Jewelry

Audra Azoury Jewelry



Steel Town Accessorizer


Pittsburgh, PA

about Audra Azoury Jewelry

“My designs are inspired by real life--gritty, yet beautiful at the same time. I have always loved the look of rusty steel. It is a man-made material, but there’s something beautifully organic about it when it starts to decompose.”

Just outside of the industrialized limits of Pittsburgh, PA, Audra grew up in what was still all farmland and horses in Whisky Hollow, PA. She played in the woods and the creeks, collecting rocks and wood and little pieces of rusty metal that would find their way to their pastoral property. It’s this juxtaposition of city and country life that has kept Audra fascinated--seeing organica beauty in seemingly ordinary objects like bridges and buildings and scaffoldings. She sees a partnership between Earth & industry, a balance between nature--which sustains life--and the man-created industrial world which sustains a modern lifestyle. show more