Austin Press

Austin Press



Ephemera printer


San Francisco, California

about Austin Press

“I am not interested in trends. I make what I feel is compelling. I work out of a small studio, everything made by hand with very close attention to detail and quality. If you buy something from Austin Press you know it has come from my hands and imagination.”

As an artist, Kimberly became a little obsessed with the cast iron Victorian letterpresses of the 1800s—the incredible sturdy ones with lovely curves and spoke flywheels. So she got herself one and plopped it down (okay, maybe it wasn’t that easy) in a very unique location. At the historic Pier 70 shipyard in San Francisco, she’s surrounding with the industrial maritime past—along with other amazing artisans and some feral cats. The unique aesthetic of her cards is certainly influenced by that location, and also by rare books, turn-of-the-century ephemera and small, curious things with beauty she surrounds herself with. show more