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“The most interesting part for me is hunting for the type I’ll use for a design. I think I know about all the type a shop has, and then I stumble upon type that’s a good fit and I get excited to get it on press.”

Bessie lives by the motto that “every day is worthy of gift giving.” So it’s always made sense to have nice paper goods and cards around, in case the mood strikes… every day. Her impressive thoughtfulness led her to do her own printing from hand-set metal and wood type, with nostalgia and tradition from century-old techniques. As for the inspiration? “A lot of the messages were made to give to my twin sister when we’re apart. When I couldn’t find a birthday card to give to my twin, my feeling was, ‘How is this not an option yet?!’ So I designed it, and her reaction was priceless.” And we’re sure there’s plenty more days/reasons/inspirations for personal gift giving. 365 days a year.

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