Bang-Up Betty

Bang-Up Betty



Jewelry Stamper


Little Rock, AR

about Bang-Up Betty

“I've found my niche in jewelry –– a little edgy or humorous, making each item a literal statement piece. The words on each one may be clever, comical or brave – but above all outspoken.”

Next time your neighbor gets a little too crazy with the surround sound, just be glad you aren’t living next to Stacey. For the mastermind behind Bang-Up Betty, a typical day is spent hammering and drilling away, crafting up witty jewelry that makes an (often literal) statement. As a proud member of Little Rock’s art scene, Stacey chalks up her success to the outpour of support from her fellow artists –– their encouragement continues to inspire her to come up with the chuckle-worthy designs that define her work. Wearable pieces of art that are even louder than the hammering that made 'em. show more

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