Bekah O'Connor Illustration + Design

Bekah O'Connor Illustration + Design



Imaginative Illustrator


Peachtree Battle, ATL

about Bekah O'Connor Illustration + Design

“Every piece still begins with paper and pencil. There is something magical when ideas are given a chance to survive in the physical world before being, inevitably and thankfully, shared in the digital one.”

After coming to the realization that she could spend her days drawing and still make rent, Bekah O’Connor hurried to Atlanta for an education at SCAD. Combined with her natural knack for doodling, she uses an illustration degree to craft pieces that have even been called "smart" once or twice. Living in Atlanta has inspired Bekah to create pieces based on the city’s diverse neighborhoods, and her drawing process is often accompanied with a steamy cup of coffee. So don’t be surprised if you see her doodling away at your local coffee shop. That’s just part of the creative process. As are scones. show more

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