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Better Off Spread



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Williamsburg, Brooklyn

about Better Off Spread

“What makes us different is our take on a classic comfort food, by giving it a twist with new and exotic flavors that encourages people to think outside the lunchbox.”

It all started with some good old-fashioned kitchen experimentation: Jenny and Johnny added fancy, savory touches to the classic comfort food and handed it out to friends. People “freaked out” at their new take on peanut butter—so they had no choice but to go for it, working like crazy to perfect the nut butters with ingredients like jalapeno, rosemary and dark chocolate, made in small batches with organic ingredients. Their soundtrack is unmistakable—just check those titles if you’re in doubt. Each and every flavor starts off one way then finishes another, just like, you guessed it, a complex metal song. show more

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