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Bird Mafia

Shadow Boxer & Designer
Portland, OR

“My cut-paper shadow boxes are fun and whimsical little worlds of cut paper that give more depth to the traditional flat art form.”

Emily has herself a little slogan: No lasers, no stencils, no die cut, no joke. See, she creates impossibly complex little worlds with just some paper, an Xacto knife and cool shadow boxes. It all started when her husband became interested in stencil making and bought a shiny new Xacto knife. It very soon “disappeared,” and Emily emerged, in love with a new artform that complimented her skill set, which also includes drawing, sculpture and design. Regardless of where her first shiny exactor came from, you should take note of one thing: an Xacto knife doesn’t have an eraser. The challenge is to be precise and confident in every move—without ever making a mistake. Challenge, accepted.