Bittle & Burley

’Stache tweeker
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“I wanted to start a brand that would satisfy my creative ambitions and also keep my hands busy. Every one of my products has a unique feel because it’s all handcrafted.”

The difference between a well groomed facial hair and the unruly variety can’t be overstated. Making a man dapper and dandy means having the correct tools—including the perfect little ’stache comb, which Chris has invented under the delightful moniker Bittle & Burley. A graphic designer by trade, you’ll definitely see his eye for great design in the details. And if his goods have a sturdy handmade feel, that’s because each and every step in the process has a little extra elbow-love in it: Chris hand-carves, sands and oils each pine brush before he cuts, folds and glues every single box that he tucks them in.

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