Black & Denim

Black & Denim



Americana Makers


Tampa, Florida

about Black & Denim

“Made and sourced with 100% American raw materials, Black & Denim is a lifestyle brand with a spirit as resilient as the American Dream.”

Here are three dudes with what we might call American mettle. Nope, not like that Def Leopard album you secretly own. We’re talking about a good ole, kick ass ‘Merican grit, a resilient spirit (and perhaps a love for motorcycles and booze). Roberto, Christopher and Luis make super durable graphic t-shirts and gear that highlight periods of American history, from New Deal propaganda to turn-of-the-century Americana (ya know, the Dream of the 1890s). They try to make our roots stylish and relevant with their goods, which are entirely made in the U.S. and cut and sewn in their studio instead of “buying blanks.” You can pretty much sum it up with their motto: Apparel for the Brave. show more