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“When you buy Blackbird Food Co. granola, you can be guaranteed that it was made to order and sent just hours after it’s left my humble and hard-working oven. From start to finish, our product is truly handmade and small batch.”

Pamela was a latch key kid who sought entertainment in her mom’s cookbooks. Seriously, she was smudging the pages of The New York Times’ Cookbook and Larousse Gastronomique, whipping up brioche and French bread, at 7 and 8. After putting herself through school with a series of baking and cooking jobs, she landed a “real” gig in sales—but soon decided that her energies were best spent on her own culinary pursuits. Anybody can make granola, but what Pamela does is wholly different: she sources incredible ingredients and develops granola recipes that are complex and surprising—and tantalizing for the taste buds. show more

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