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Blake Ashland

Tie Tailor
Greensboro, NC

“It takes a special kind of person to wear a bow tie – one who isn’t caught up in convention and loves to make a statement. I love creating special one-of-a-kind pieces that people love."

Growing up with a penchant for fashion, Zanardi jumped at the chance for a job at a clothing boutique during college. And designing custom ties for his fraternity proved to be all the kindling he needed. Today he produces a wide array of handmade ties and bow ties utilizing just about any fabric, pattern, or texture he can get his hands on – all acquired locally, of course. Think ties and bow ties are only for stuffy caviar parties (we assume that's a thing)? Zanardi’s goal is to create your new favorite tie, showcase its versatility, and above all else, keep you looking sharp.

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