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Silver Clayfarer


Poughkeepsie, New York

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“Silver clay has a personality of its own. It's finicky and dries quickly. It works best when it's especially fresh, so that means working fast and carefully. The clay takes very well to organic forms, and requires lengthier techniques to create high shine or geometric forms.”

When you call Brooklyn (or any big city) home, just because you have a fondness for a certain craft, doesn’t mean you’ll exactly have room in your home to pick it up as a hobby. And by that we mean Caitlin’s obsession with casting precious metals: She realized she’d have to find a smarter more practical way for her to work with metals in her modest apartment since it wouldn’t exactly fit big and costly equipment. She discovered how to cast with silver clay, giving her the ability to create pieces of high caliber metal in the comfort of her home. See, silver clay arrives composed of microscopic particles of pure silver and a small amount of organic material. After firing the clay, the organic matter is burned away and 99.9% pure silver remains. And--TA-DA!--there you have a creative and effective way to create one-of-a-kind cast metal pieces that shine like the brightest of all silver. And has a pretty cool maker story behind it. show more