Bog Berry Dryer Balls

Bog Berry Dryer Balls



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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

about Bog Berry Dryer Balls

"These take a long time to make, but as a result, are solid wool all the way through and cannot unravel or come apart. Also they're pretty. And fun. And they bounce. For some reason I like that about them."

The fact that Brooke's wool dryer balls bounce isn't the only reason she makes 'em. Though, if we're being honest, it is one reason (and a good one at that). She felts each and every one of the cheery balls (which are meant to replace dryer sheets) by hand multiple times, so they can be used again and again. As you could imagine, this takes a lot of dedication and, well, time. Brooke credits her focus to her love for working with her hands, she learns to make something and then turns into a one-woman production line. And your clothes? Well, they dry faster and softer as a result. show more

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