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“We make our biscotti just the way my Aunt Isa did. Each cookie is cut by hand, made with whole, raw California almonds and chocolate from San Francisco's Guittard Chocolate Co.”

In a lot of ways, biscotti has been a constant presence in Bonnie’s life. When she was little, Bonnie would go to her Aunt Isa’s house for afternoon tea and, more importantly, the accompanying almond cookies (biscotti di Prato) that she just loved. Her grandmother’s biscotti had been the typical dense anise cookies -- but these beauties were much different. When Bonnie was 16, she got the recipe and started making them for herself. Many years later after a divorce, she picked back up on the biscotti-making to earn extra money. Since she was working at a fancy San Francisco chocolate shop, she sold them there and found herself with a demand so high, she was able to start and soon sell her own ‘La Tempesta’ biscotti label. Therein lies the success story, but how long could Bonnie go on without making biscotti? Answer: not long. And soon after, Boncora Biscotti was born. show more

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