Kitchen Beautifier


North Shore, Chicago

about bonnbonn

"I've always had an affinity for antique bread boards. I love the nicks and scratches that they have endured through the years. I wanted to create something that might one day become someone's well-loved and timeworn treasure."

A graphic designer and fine artist by trade, Bonnie’s foray into making elegant and evocative wares started because she wanted to pretty up her own kitchen, where she’s been known to spend a good deal of her time. Bonnie’s got a deeply rooted love for surrounding herself with beautiful things. Even as a little girl, when she affectionately got the nickname Bonnbonn, she would “stage” her room—no, really, she’d create little vignettes of objects that looked pretty together. (For the record, she still rearranges her house every so often, much to the chagrin of her husband.) Now she’s making lovely linen kitchen towels and aprons and smartly crafted cutting boards that fancy up your cooking space—making the perfect crusty baguette or bubbly, browned quiche to adorn them, that’d be up to you. show more

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