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Arcata, CA

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"I have just one other baker working with me, and together we gather the finest all-natural ingredients, weigh out each recipe, mix, caramelize, blend, chop, fold, pour, spread, bake, break, cut, wrap and box each product."

With equal passions for baking and beer, there was only one reasonable thing for Cassie to do: Why, combine 'em, of course. Each of her caramels, brownies and slabs of brittle is crafted in small batches, with a whole lotta love. And beer, that too. She has partnerships with nine different craft breweries, which means her cooler is filled with normal bakery ingredients like cream, butter, etc. But then it's also about half full of kegs. This wonderful take on baked goods, infused with just the right amount of beer, has garnered lots of praise (as one would expect). Oh, and marriage proposals. show more

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