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Brooklyn, New York

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“The iconography is so strong and appealing that it’s almost as if the work had already been done. I have always loved model kits so this was an opportunity to design something whose audience was someone like me.”

David and Terence are all about paying homage to their roots. Proud Brooklynites, the duo was always on the hunt for a way to honor their stomping grounds –– but wanted a little more originality than the average souvenir tee. It didn't take much searching for David to notice the neighborhood's ubiquitous water towers –– after all, they were right in front of him. It was then that he and Terence came up with the idea to create scaled-down models that could be assembled by hand. All that’s missing is a little NY graffiti and you’ve got a souvenir that even the most jaded NYC-er will enjoy. show more

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