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Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

Urban woodsman
Gowanus, Brooklyn

“I was intrigued with the ways I was able to treat, design and manipulate wood into something both beautiful and useful. Cutting boards were also a great fit because they gave me an entrance into a growing community of artisans.”

Knives and butcher blocks just go together. It is no surprise that Nils found his calling while working as an assistant to Joel Bukiewicz, knife maker at Cut Brooklyn and one of the young, innovative artisans making a name for Brooklyn as a borough of makers. Nils was not new to being a craftsman, just rediscovering it. He spent childhood summers in Vermont watching on as his uncle and grandfather, two woodworkers with a serious DIY problem, transformed an old summer cottage. He put those construction skills to work at Bard College, where he majored in studio arts, making large-scale sculptures and architectural installations. Nils gives a shout out to his maker community in his work, utilizing brickwork pattern on his butcher blocks that are inspired by buildings in Brooklyn. (They also guarantee a stronger joint than your run-of-the-mill “checkerboard” pattern.) Guess you could say he earned his chops?

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