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Hancock, GA

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“We strive to produce paper goods that are playful, smart and striking in their simplicity, focusing on our two main inspirations: food and the outdoors.”

Megan tried to deny her artistic roots (then she discovered she was bad at chemistry and math)—then gave in to being a part of a family of totally artistic makers. Once she transferred from pre-med to art school, she was printing and letterpressing like a runaway train, as she puts it. After forming a bone fide printmaking business, her mom Gaelle jumped in to help, bringing a keen eye for color and natural details. Their press is situated in an old General Store, built in the ‘20s and operating through the ‘60s, that’s on Megan’s farm property. Each day begins and ends in muck boots, doing the chores and feeding the animals, so the beauty of the natural world, primary the edible one, is a central part of their simple, playful letterpress works. Nature over nurture? Worked in this case. show more

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