Bullfinch & Barbury Enamelists

Bullfinch & Barbury Enamelists



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Douglassville, Pennsylvania

about Bullfinch & Barbury Enamelists

"It's a rare sighting nowadays to see genuine enamel on jewelry. Real enamel is formulated from natural sands and minerals, sustainably mined and virtually unchanged from their natural forms."

Lia tried enameling as a warm-up. Once. And she was in love. She wore those first bangles for two weeks solid — until someone bought 'em right off her wrist. She's especially enamored with the colors that appear as each piece cools; they're cherry red right out of the 1400 degree kiln, but cool to grey and then the color she'd been aiming for all along. Lia thoroughly tests each new design for durability. And by "tests" we mean "wears it while riding her rescue horse Thor." As an official quality control professional, he's acquired quite a few enamel halter charms. He seems unimpressed. show more