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“I design all of my products on the computer and then send away for a raised image of my artwork on photopolymer plates. I then place these plates in my 110 year-old letterpress machine and press the art and ink into the paper one color and one piece at a time. It creates a print you can actually feel.”

110 years and 1800 pounds of metal, the smell of ink and the rhythm of the press: these are the things that made Adina fall in love with the art of letterpress. She was hooked as soon as she stepped into a studio and felt a special kind of bond when she ran her first C&P 10x15. (Yes, love can happen like that too.) It wasn’t until she realized she could create modern designs on her computer and not just use the old-fashioned handset type that she knew this letterpress art was truly her calling. And that love doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon. “It still feels like magic every time I put a blank piece of paper into the press and a piece of art comes out.” show more

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