By Madeline Trait

By Madeline Trait



First lady of festivity


Mission District, San Francisco

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“I have always loved to draw and sketch, so creating modern, whimsical, playful cake toppers was a perfect way to bring that passion to life in a physical form rather than just some lines on paper.”

As a wedding designer, Madeline knew a thing or two about a creating totally unique mood to commemorate a day. (Also: she has pretty amazing taste.) Ever the sketcher and creative type, she came up with an incredibly cute line of cake toppers and other party things that add that unique element to the soiree. She puts traditional techniques and high-falutin technology both to work to create her adorable designs, first sketching them out by hand before sending them off to a laser cutter. When she gets back the physical object she paints each tiny detail by hand. Just be prepared for the, “Where did you get that?” question. show more

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