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Canton Box Co.



Typographic Sentiments


Canton, OH

about Canton Box Co.

“Because we specialize in different areas, Angie in graphic design and Tyson in woodwork, we’re always trying to figure out ways to collaborate on projects. In the end, those tend to be our favorites.”

Angie and Tyson’s story is one of necessity and invention. They met in a tiny farming town —falling in lurve young and buying a little house in the rust belt. Problem is they had nothing, like nada, to furnish it with—not a curtain to speak of. Luckily, what they did have was complementary talents: Angie was a graphic designer and Tyson was skilled in construction and woodwork. So, they DIY’ed their own pieces to make their little house a home. The whole thing caught on, snowballing into a full-on business. The current line of wood art works and prints has lot of typographic tendencies: sweet little love notes they dreamt up and little snippets of prose. show more