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“My mom told me I should run threaded needles through cloves of garlic to make the thread shinier. I haven’t tried it yet because I have a decent vampire fanbase that I don’t want to alienate.”

While her friends where whiling away with screenprinting, Kathleen found herself wanting to design her own stuff too. And since she didn’t quite have the screens and ink at the ready, she did happen to have the supplies and the old, rusty high school skills to pick up embroidery. Out of boredom, she stitched the Golden Gate Bridge onto a curtain. And then other SF-themed stitchings came along: a bike, a burrito, some pigeons. Just like that, the colorful Captain Nook came to be… starting with a custom order for a Statler and Waldorf tribute for two friends who fancy themselves to be the IRL-version of the crotchety Muppet critics. The rest of Kathleen’s creations carry the same theme of playful quirk. show more

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