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Minneapolis, MN

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“My design process is unique in that I rarely sketch my designs first. Most of my collections are born from a singular idea involving nature, texture, shapes or simply a feeling, and I just sit down and carve until these ideas are expressed.”

A simple moment can change the course of history. And while watching a metal shop class in progress, Lauren had that moment. She decided that living life behind a desk wasn't her thing anymore, and quit her day job just a few weeks later. She enrolled in a jewelry manufacturing program and has been happily producing environmentally-friendly and (quite often) recycled metal accessories ever since. Her work draws from an ancient process called lost-wax casting, in which a design is first carved out of wax, then molded and cast in metal. Nature is a big inspiration for Lauren's jewelry line––it can take days or even weeks to bring out the raw, natural beauty of each design––but no matter how long the process, creating tangible things will always trump a desk job for this gal. show more

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