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“What I love most about making skincare products is working with the botanical ingredients. They are so beautiful and powerful, and a tiny bit mysterious. I also love knowing that every ingredient I use in my recipes is pure, healthy, safe, and effective!”

Dominique is one of those people who can’t use a product without asking, “Hey, how do you make that?” It goes that way from cooking to wiring lamps to, eventually, a soap-making kit which launched her love and line of work in skin care. After that moment, there wasn’t enough time in the day for working with herbs and oils, creating deodorant and facial serums supplemented by her learning herbology and aromatherapy in some pretty intense classes. And as gorgeous as these bottles look on a vanity shelf, Dominique insists her products are more about the scent and the pure ingredients. Since skin absorbs 100% of what you put on it, she focuses on all-natural, pure ingredients. “They smell herbal and floral, but importantly they smell just like real plants and flowers… because that’s what they’re made from!” show more

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