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Detroit , Michigan

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“My creations are a mix of vintage and new materials. They evoke a sense of romance, mystery, humor, and charm. I love shiny things, but I love imperfections too. Vintage pieces have some tarnish and wear, which makes each one-of-a-kind and unique.”

You wouldn’t normally put a fledgling jewelry designer in the kitchen to whip up a taste for creation, but that’s exactly where Regina started her design career. Growing up in St. Petersburg, she watched as her mother and grandmother painted wooden beads, stringing them on a line. It was Russian folk jewelry, and it was an early memory that shaped her forever. Call it a family recipe in painting and designing rather than kneading and baking. That inherited inspiration took Regina from drawing and painting to art school and a degree in graphic design. It was a few friends in Brooklyn with a new craft fair who got Regina back to designing with her hands. Named as a tribute to Detroit’s queen of soul (Aretha, of course) and inspired by some tough yet feminine photo spreads in Bust Magazine, Chain Chain Chained brought her back to her first creative kitchen flow: homegrown jewelry design. show more

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