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Christina Kober Designs

Fortune Stamper
Franklin, TN

“There are two steps that I never skip. First, I always ask my father for design critiques. Second, I always take my jewelry for a test drive. I want to make sure the design is comfortable, wearable and sturdy.”

As a teenager, Christina saw working at her dad's jewelry shop as nothing more than a necessary evil for making extra cash. It wasn't until after college, while working the same ol' summer job, that she took a shine to the idea of making some creations of her own. Using the loyal fan base at her dad's shop, Christina soaked up information all sponge-like and got to work on her own metal adornments. Each one is stamped by hand, with a bespectacled Christina carefully ensuring each and every letter is perfectly placed – and she says she'll keep doing it until glasses no longer do the trick.

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