Fireside Goods

Fireside Goods



reclaimed wood beer accoutrements


Omaha, Nebraska

about Fireside Goods

"One of the most favorite things we make is our bicycle bottle opener. Biking has always played such an important role in our lives together and, of course, bicycles and beer go hand-in-hand."

For Jackie and Micah, it didn't matter so much what they were doing, so long as they were doing something. And of their favorite activities, brewing, biking and designing reigned supreme––an affection they bring to their line of reclaimed-wood accoutrements. Using wood from an old schoolhouse in Iowa, the duo builds crates and bottle openers from the ground up. The next part, perfecting designs for each of their products, is the most challenging. But it's all worth it when they make something with their own two hands (well, four, technically) that brightens the lives of others. show more