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Norman, OK

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“I grew up taking annual trips to my family's cabin in Taos, New Mexico and it's there that I find a lot of my inspiration. Between the mountains, the desert and the textiles you find in that area, I can't help but feel the need to create.”

Confetti Riot is an extension of Kathryn, who grew up staging elaborate photoshoots for her dog as well as creating web graphics for her favorite band Hanson (hey, it was 1997, she says... er, maybe 2003). Through these and other extremely high-brow pursuits, she found a love for design, eventually pursuing a graphic design career. Her process is backwards from many artists: She starts off by “sketching” on her computer, then moves on to create clean, colorful works with a touch o’ the Southwest with her own two hands on iPhone cases and pillows. show more

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