Corinne Simon Jewelry

Metal Carver
Santa Ynez, California

“Sculpting became my favorite medium during a stint at art school in New York. There, I found a ring at an arts fair that I fell in love with and said ‘I will to learn how to make that myself."

It was a stint in art school that sparked Corinne's interest in sculpting — specifically, when she came across a ring at an art fair that she loved so much, she simply had to make one. And after her first attempt proved to be a success, she was hooked. Corinne uses a process called the "lost wax technique." She carves and sculpts wax by hand, creating delicate molds for her one-of-a-kind metal creations. And now, several attempts later, her house is full of messy wax remnants and recycled metal pieces… the finished items are much neater.

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