Danny P.

Danny P.



Leather Worker


Flatiron District, New York

about Danny P.

"There are two things I am never without — my iPhone and my wallet. So why not buy a wallet case that could easily accommodate my cash, credit cards and phone?"

We could spend all day arguing over whether or not Daniel's creations are wallets with iPhone cases or iPhone cases with wallets. But instead, we'll just agree that they're filling a need that went unfilled for far too long. The idea came about when Daniel started to fret over the scratches and scuffs his brand new iPhone 5 was accumulating, but really didn't want to resort to a case. After all, the design is part of what makes the phone. So he dreamt up a way to keep his cash, cards and cool-lookin' phone in one place, without making it a pain to take the phone out of its case to use. Cool. show more

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