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Narragansett, Rhode Island

about Dave's Coffee

“One of the most challenging parts of my business is growing while remaining small. Every product we make is handmade. Our coffees are grown by family farms, harvested, roasted and packed by hand. The syrups are made in small batches. It’s a tricky balance to grow while still maintaining small-batch. But it’s definitely doable.”

We’d venture to guess that your addiction to coffee has as much to do with your need for caffeine as it is about the ritual of coffee-making. Dave founded his Coffee Company in Rhode Island based around his passion for that ritual. One day, on the way to work as a mechanical engineer, he saw a “For Sale” sign on a historic 1740s farmhouse and thought, hey!, what a great place for a coffee bar! With that gleam in his eye, he quit his job and dove head first into the coffee biz. Everything--from bean to cup--is done by hand at Dave’s, and their newest creation -- the coffee syrups -- pays tribute to a Rhode Island tradition dating back to the ‘30s of a sweet, dense syrup made from specialty roasted Brazilian cold-brewed coffee and pure cane syrup. Turns out, these two all-natural ingredients can do a whole lot (try it as a marinade!) but the traditional R.I. way is mixed with a simple glass of ice cold milk. show more