Demetria Chappo Ceramics

Demetria Chappo Ceramics



Sculptor of Sweetness


Red Hook, Brooklyn

about Demetria Chappo Ceramics

“The excitement of opening a warm kiln gets me every time—so many moments working in ceramics can be altered, but once you fire your work a little mystery is left to chemical reactions and kiln gods.”

Demetria’s a stoneware and porcelain artist who loves to play with texture and pattern, nostalgia and iconography. So I suppose it’s pretty fortuitous that she stumbled upon a honey bear when she was taking a ceramics workshop. She decided to “slip cast” it, a delicate process that involves making liquid clay that is poured into a mold (and a lot of other difficult stuff). After her first bear was cast, she couldn’t deny its powers of cuteness, with their little eyelashes, paws and furry hair. Now she’s got students and friends hunting down unique bears, collecting them in all their adorableness. show more

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