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Deserts & Lakes



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Milwaukee, WI

about Deserts & Lakes

"I’m inspired by adventures in the desert, road trips, ice cream, animals and surprises. In other words, real life experiences.”

A photographer, desert adventurer and road tripper extraordinaire, Jennifer wanted to satisfy her long-time desire to just wrap herself up in a beautiful photograph—so she did just that. She created luxurious 100% silk scarf squares printed with colorful, ethereal landscape photography. You might find puffy clouds reminiscent of cotton candy, painterly green leaves rushing by a train window or a blue sunset on a lake—all in wearable form. The scarves are made from a small collection of photographs she took with a 35mm camera on one of her many adventures, printed in editions of 50. So you too can get wrapped up in a bit of adventure, any day you like. show more

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